Canadian company granted second U.S. patent for space elevator

(Pembroke, Ont.) – Thoth Technology Inc. has secured further patent protection for their space elevator technology. The invention, published in this weeks United States Patent Gazette, describes an innovative new space elevator car mounting method.

“The spiral elevator mechanism allows bi-directional travel up and down a space tower,” its inventor Brendan Quine said. Thoth CEO Caroline Roberts describes the benefits of the new technology:

“Access to near space is set to revolutionise the way we do business on Earth. The advantages for energy generation, communications and space tourism are immense,” she said.

Thoth plans to construct pneumatic ThothX towers to access first 1.5 km and then 15 km above Earth within a decade.

US 9,403,607 available from USPTO here. Stay tuned for more space elevator news.

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