Thothx Releases Space Elevator Animation

(Pembroke Ont.) – Thoth Technology Inc. has released a two minute video animation of the ThothX space elevator. The animation features a ThothX tower reaching 15 kilometers above Earth with hotels and an observation deck. Space planes take off in a single stage to low Earth orbit and return to a rooftop runway for refueling. The animation features “Elevator,” a song by the United Kingdom band, Space Elevator.

“We are delighted to partner with Space Elevator. It was incredible to find such a talented group who are working so creatively to achieve our shared goal for humanity to reach the stars safely,” said Caroline Roberts, President and CEO of Thoth. Constructed from Kelvar, the pressurized towers feature newly patented technologies, including a new way to mount space elevator cars.

“Space elevator towers are set to revolutionise the way we access space, generate renewable wind energy and communicate over a wide footprint. With a ticket price around $2,000 USD to ascend the full elevator, we aim to make space affordable. The tourist potential is immense,” Roberts said.

Thoth plans to construct towers to 1.5 km and 15 km globally over the next decade.

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