Thoth Technology Inc. is a Canadian space and defense company founded in 2001. We specialize in services and products for space applications. A Canadian Mission House, we also provide end-to-end services for space missions, from design, development and test to operations and information-product delivery.

Mission House

Thoth provides end-to-end mission services to meet the needs of industry, academia, and government departments and agencies. Our advanced, affordable systems have a wide range of terrestrial and space-based applications, including environmental monitoring, communications and process control.

In addition to full mission services, Thoth offers spacecraft navigation and tracking services, spectrometers, electronics software and hardware, thermal vacuum systems, and atmospheric and optical simulation services. We also have core expertise in propulsion systems and cryogenic cooling technologies.


Our Mission

Thoth Technology will advance knowledge through the provision of new business services and the application of innovative research. We conduct business in an ethical and professional manner to the benefit of customers, employees, shareholders, and society.

Our Team

Thoth Technology’s highly skilled team has over 150 years of combined experience in the design, development and operation of spacecraft, remote sensing equipment and instrumentation.

Our team provides management and technical leads to support all phases of space missions, from concept and hardware development to data analysis and electronic information delivery.

Thoth brings the core competences needed for space and terrestrial instrument design and vertically integrates them to develop your product or service solution. Thoth calls on more than a dozen discipline specialists to bring a kaleidoscope of experience to your business need. Our experience and creativity ensure rapid and reliable prototyping of Engineering and Flight Models (EMs and FMs), enhancing quality, slashing system roll-out times and reducing risk and cost.


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Canada’s space sector is entering a period of unprecedented growth as a result of increased commercialization and increased access to foreign markets. Canadian companies are internationally renowned for their innovative products and services, and our firm is well positioned to maximize this growth opportunity.

Thoth Technology offers investment opportunities for selected investors. Our products and services meet the demanding new challenges we face at the beginning of the new millennium, and we invite our investors to play an active role in this timely and exciting venture. Please contact us for further information.

At Thoth, we believe in space for all.