Thoth has invented a fully digital pulse compression radar system called Earthfence, capable of tracking meter scale objects in geostationary orbits up to 50,000 km above Earth. Earthfence GEO can detect and range known geostationary assets and unknown targets such as orbital debris. Ranging data is accurate to approximately 25 m, sufficient for use in spacecraft navigation, surveillance of space, space traffic management and collision avoidance.

Earthfence GEO is the world's first commercial deep space radar. Thoth is bringing this unique capability to Space Situational Awareness (SSA) markets. Space is increasingly congested, with new spacecraft being launched all the time. Telecommunications satellites cost billions of dollars and are now essential to our way of life. It’s vital to know their location as well as that of debris and other spacecraft that might pose a threat.

Earthfence can track targets continuously over periods of hours or days in order to develop high resolution orbits and range rates. Target detection is validated by means of radar cross section, spacecraft dimension and antenna configuration.

Thoth offers Earthfence radar services the Algonquin Radio Observatory.

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