The ThothX 'Earthfence' deep space radar is a commercial space surveillance system for Space Domain Awareness and civilian Space Traffic Management.

Our software defined RF systems provide superlative tracking performance that can be customized to meet your exacting requirements.

Earthfence GEO actively tracks meter scale objects in geostationary orbits up to 100,000 km above Earth to accuracies exceeding 25 m. We offer a data-as-a-service solution for spacecraft navigation, surveillance of space, space traffic management and collision avoidance.

"The ThothX Earthfence DSR can be used to track rendezvous proximity operations."

Space is increasingly congested, with new spacecraft being launched all the time. Earthfence tracks targets continuously over periods of hours or days in order to develop high resolution orbits and range rates. Target detection is validated by means of radar cross section, spacecraft dimension and antenna configuration.

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