Thermal Vacuum Test Services

Thoth provides thermal vacuum (TVAC) testing services in the Greater Toronto Area.

Thoth offers environmental testing for applications including space component certification, spacecraft thermal balance testing, and space systems research and development. Our personnel provide a high quality test experience.

Our chambers are equipped with thermal control systems able to cool test articles to -140oC or heat them to +140oC with test component slew rates up to 30oC per hour under vacuum. Additionally, an embedded cryo-shroud can provide a black body surface below 150K that simulates the space background. Thoth’s thermal vacuum service is available on an hourly basis for thermal cycle, performance ramp, and soak out tests. Typical test chamber specifications are given in the table below.

Contact Thoth at +1 (905) 713-2884 to book a test today.

Chamber TVAC2 Value Unit
Size 3 x 2 m
Usable accommodation 2 x 1 m
Pressure after one hour 1 x 10-6 torr
Ultimate pressure (STP) 5 x 10-8 torr
Usable thermal control surface 2 x 1 m
Peak thermal slew rate -40, +50 oC
Thermal control range -140 to +140 oC
Temperature sensing K-Type, T-Type thermocouple
Temperature channels 8 (client) + 8 (system)  
Cryo-shroud (four sides) 120 K
Vacuum ports 2 3/4″, 6″, 8″, 13.25″ Conflat
Electrical feed-throughs DB-9, DB-25, DB-25 Cannon
Viewing port dimension 0.15 m