Space Test

Thoth offers a comprehensive capability for thermal vacuum and vibration testing to industry space-qualification standards using a state-of-the-art facility. Have our specialists develop qualification test procedures for your equipment or specify your own qualification process. Click here for more information on space-test services.

Space Tracking

Communications and Geodetic Services

Thoth operates the Algonquin Radio Observatory and provides a range of space tracking, communications and geodetic services using the 46 meter and 11 meter antennas at ARO. We provide a full range of services including space-debris surveillance, Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI), geodetic reference services for global navigation systems, spacecraft navigation and launch support.

Mission Services

Thoth Technology specializes in end-to-end services for space and terrestrial remote sensing missions. Our highly experienced team provides management and technical leads to support all phases of mission development, from preliminary design to data analysis and electronic information delivery.

Information Services

Thoth develops information systems and services to deliver spectral simulation and other advanced information products to our customers. Our products provide complex information technology via common data streams and simple user interfaces.