Space Test

Known colloquially as ‘shake and bake’ in the space industry, qualification testing provides the only real means to verify expected system performance in space flight. Vibration testing qualifies instrumentation for operation during integration, rocket launch and planetary landing. Thermal vacuum testing is utilized to confirm instrumentation operation under space vacuum conditions and in the harsh thermal environment of space flight. Thoth offers a high quality testing service with rapid turnaround to meet the demanding schedules of space projects.

Vibration Testing

Thoth offers vibration testing for equipment and systems. Developed to simulate space deployment using chemical rocket launchers the vibration test facility can operate in random, sinusoidal and shock modes. Vibration profiles and test sequences are computer controlled and adjusted actively during test. Client personnel may observe the test sequence live through observation windows in the test chamber. Find out more about our customized vibration test services or Call Thoth directly to book your test today.

Thermal Vacuum (TVAC) Testing

Thoth provides thermal vacuum (TVAC) testing of spacecraft and components for space flight. Space components experience one of nature’s harshest environments. Thermal vacuum testing is designed to recreate in-space conditions in order to verify hardware operation. Thoth utilizes a two meter chamber to create space conditions in approximately one hour from test initiation. The chamber is also able to create customized atmospheric conditions for altitude testing and planetary atmosphere qualification. Find out more about our customized thermal vacuum services or Call Thoth directly to book your test today.

Total Mass Loss (TML) Testing

Thoth offers Total Mass Loss (TML), Water Vapour Regained (WVR) and collected volatile condensable materials (CVCM) testing and analysis. Qualify your space application materials in our 24-sample test system.