Thoth Technology is a Canadian Mission House.

We create advanced and affordable mission solutions for commercial and institutional clients. Thoth’s experienced team provides management and technical leads to support all phases of space and terrestrial remote sensing missions, from concept development to data analysis and electronic information delivery. We simplify complex customer-contractor and contractor-contractor interfaces to provide a single forum for communication and review.

Thoth Technology develops space missions to fulfill principal science and exploration objectives. Working closely with the academic science community and industrial partners, we transform challenging mission goals into sophisticated mission solutions.

Thoth has advanced capabilities in structured mission planning. Preliminary plans include:

  • infrastructure requirements
  • procurement options
  • instrument requirements and specifications
  • interface and platform specifications
  • launch-vehicle requisites
  • mission-operations definition, including co-ordination of ground-support
  • planetary protection measures (where applicable)

Estimates and contingency are defined for mass, volume, and power requirements of structural, mechanical, electrical, thermal, propulsion, communications, and data-acquisition subsystems. Our focus on heritage, space qualified technologies ensures rapid and reliable prototyping of Engineering and Flight Models (EMs and FMs).

Mission Analysis and Simulation

Thoth Technology develops simulation services and tools to support all phases of mission design and operations. Mission plans include launch-date and launch-vehicle information, trajectories, Delta-V requisites, mathematical calculations for orbital determination, encounter geometry and requirements (flyby velocities, orbital paths, etc.), atmospheric and ballistic models for interplanetary lander missions, and a mission-operations timeline, specifying periods for data relaying and acquisition. Communications infrastructure includes the Deep Space Network (DSN) and other networks. Facilities for data storage and dissemination are also defined.

For more information on Thoth’s space activities, please contact info@thothx.com