Argus IR Spectrometer Kit, Space Grade


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Product Description

Includes space qualified Argus 1000 spectrometer with

  • Thermal vacuum and vibration tested for space use.
  • Gold optical surfaces with specially enhanced coatings for IR transmission.
  • Award winning, heritage space technology supplied as a complete kit including ground test interface and display laptop that works right out of the box.
  • InGaAs detector 1000 nm – 1700 nm infrared range.
  • 6 nm spectral resolution.
  • Only 45x50x80 mm in dimension.
  • Integrated foreoptics with no moving parts.
  • 15 mm aperture with 0.15o field of view.
  • Peltier-effect cooler for enhanced noise performance.
  • Programmable operating parameters with easy to use commands including integration time and co-adding settings.
  • Standard serial interface with simple communications format for easy systems integration.
  • Low mass (less than 230 g) and low power.
  • Available off the shelf subject to export license approval (typically requires two weeks after receipt of end use statement).
  • Detectors extend range to 2500 nm.
Argus 1000SK Specification
1. Type Grating spectrometer
2.Configuration Single aperture spectrometer
3. Field of View 0.15º viewing angle around centered camera boresight with 15mm fore-optics
4. Mass >230g
5. Accommodation 50 mm x 45 mm x 80 mm (base x height x length)
6. Operating Temperature -20ºC to +40ºC operating temperature
7. Survival -25ºC to + 55ºC survival temperature
8. Detector 256 element InGaAs diode array with Peltier cooler (customized options available)
9. Optics Gold with IR glass and coatings. 
10. Electronics microprocessor controlled 10 bit ADC with co-adding to 13 bit, 3.6-4.2V input rail 250mA-600mA (375mA typical)
11. Operational Modes -Continuous cycle, constant integration time
-Continuous cycle, adaptive exposure
12. Data Delivery Fixed length parity striped packets of single or co-added spectra with sequence number, temperature, array temperature and operating parameters
13. Interface Prime and redundant serial interfaces (RS232 protocol)
14. Integration Time 500 μs to 4 s
15. Calibration Two-wavelength laser calibration
15. Handling Shipped by courier in ruggedized carrying case..
  • Certified for deployment in space.
  • Flown in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), instrument features a surface resolution of approximately 1.5 km.
  • Process monitoring and control.
  • Environmental monitoring.
  • Laboratory chemical, biological and molecular analysis.
  • Adapted to a wide range of mobile and static applications in remote sensing.
  • Argus is available in space qualified hardware and makes a perfect nanosatellite or microsatellite payload. Space applications include real-time pollution and radiation monitoring at critical IR wavelengths.
  • Ask a Thoth specialist how this device can be customized to your application.
  • See results from a space based Argus.
(1) What is included in the Argus Kit?
The Argus Kit includes all the software hardware needed to operate the spectrometer in ground test. A customized netbook computer provides a visual display and allows an operator to command instrument settings.
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