August 22, 2016 (Pembroke Ont.) – Thoth Technology Inc. has released a two minute video animation of the ThothX space elevator. The animation features a ThothX tower reaching 15 kilometers above Earth with hotels and an observation deck. Space planes take off in a single stage to low Earth orbit and return to a rooftop runway for refueling. The animation features “Elevator,” a song by the United Kingdom band, Space Elevator.

“We are delighted to partner with Space Elevator. It was incredible to find such a talented group who are working so creatively to achieve our shared goal for humanity to reach the stars safely,” said Caroline Roberts, President and CEO of Thoth. Constructed from Kelvar, the pressurized towers feature newly patented technologies, including a new way to mount space elevator cars.

“Space elevator towers are set to revolutionise the way we access space, generate renewable wind energy and communicate over a wide footprint. With a ticket price around $2,000 USD to ascend the full elevator, we aim to make space affordable. The tourist potential is immense,” Roberts said.

Thoth plans to construct towers to 1.5 km and 15 km globally over the next decade.

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August 5, 2016 (Pembroke, Ont.) – Thoth Technology Inc. has secured further patent protection for their space elevator technology. The invention, published in this weeks United States Patent Gazette, describes an innovative new space elevator car mounting method.

“The spiral elevator mechanism allows bi-directional travel up and down a space tower,” its inventor Brendan Quine said. Thoth CEO Caroline Roberts describes the benefits of the new technology:

“Access to near space is set to revolutionise the way we do business on Earth. The advantages for energy generation, communications and space tourism are immense,” she said.

Thoth plans to construct pneumatic ThothX towers to access first 1.5 km and then 15 km above Earth within a decade.

US 9,403,607 available from USPTO here. Stay tuned for more space elevator news.

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July 21, 2015 (Toronto, Ont.) – Canadian space company, Thoth Technology Inc., has been granted the United States patent for a space elevator. Announced today in the USPTO’s Official Gazette, the freestanding space tower is pneumatically pressurized and actively-guided over its base. Reaching 20 km above the planet, it would stand more than 20 times the height of current tall structures and be used for wind-energy generation, communications and tourism.

The technology offers an exciting new way to access space using completely reusable hardware and saving more than 30% of the fuel of a conventional rocket.

“Astronauts would ascend to 20 km by electrical elevator. From the top of the tower, space planes will launch in a single stage to orbit, returning to the top of the tower for refueling and reflight,” said Dr. Brendan Quine, the inventor.

Thoth President and CEO, Caroline Roberts, believes the space tower, coupled with self-landing rocket technologies being developed by others, will herald a new era of space transportation.

“Landing on a barge at sea level is a great demonstration, but landing at 12 miles above sea level will make space flight more like taking a passenger jet.”

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US Patent 9085897  “Space Elevator”:

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