Ian Tomaszewski is a Space Systems Specialist at Thoth Technology.

Mr. Tomaszewski is a graduate of Space Engineering from the Lassonde School of Engineering at York University, Toronto. His duties at Thoth include software and hardware development for space applications as well as operation of the thermal vacuum chamber and the 46 m radio antenna. He is currently developing a pulse compression radar system for the Algonquin Radio Observatory.

Mr. Tomaszewski was a member of the award winning York University Rover Team, and co-founder of the York University Robotics Society. He was Team Lead Researcher of Project ARMES, an undergraduate Mars analog research group at York University. As Project Manager of his engineering design capstone project, Mr. Tomaszewski and his team developed a bathymetry and turbidity sensor with terrestrial and planetary applications. Mr. Tomaszewski is also a two-time national champion in basketball.